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For this quiz, Team A is the offense, Team B is the defense. Players are indicated as A1, A2, B1, B2, etc. Yard lines are indicated in standard fashion, so the A1-yard line would be 1 yard away from the end zone Team A is defending.

For questions 1-2:

Team A has the ball 2nd and 10 on the B-35 yard line. B commits pass interference in B’s end zone during the play. Time expires in the period during the play.

If it is the end of the 1st quarter: *

If it is the end of the 2nd quarter: *

A’s ball, 2nd and 10 from the A-30. A holds during a run, and the clock expires in the 3rd quarter. *

During the last play of the 2nd quarter (time expires during the play), A punts the ball. Before B touches the ball, A89 runs downfield and touches the ball at the B-30. Receiver B18 picks up the ball at the B-20 and is tackled at the B-25. *

Team A is ahead, and snaps the ball on 4th down with 0:05 seconds remaining in the game. A-4 punts the ball. While the punt is in the air, A88 blocks B14 in the back. B89 fields the ball at the B-40, runs for 5 yards and is tackled at the B-45. Time expires during the play. *

A’s ball, 4th and 5 from the A-25. Team A is leading 28-22. With 0:15 seconds remaining in the game, quarterback A8 receives the snap and runs straight backwards. To run out the clock, he continues running all the way to the end zone. During the run, offensive tackle A54 holds in the end zone (the hold begins and ends in the end zone). Once the clock has expired, A8 runs back out of the end zone and takes a knee at the A-6. *

For questions 7-9:

The game is tied 10-10. 3rd and 8 from the B-45. A28 takes the handoff and runs out of bounds at the B-39 just after time expires in the 4th quarter.

During the run, A68 holds, but B58 grabs and twists A28's facemask before he runs out of bounds. *

B58 comes flying out of bounds and hits A28 clearly late and out of bounds. *

During the run, A28 taunts B58 at the B-41. After A28 runs out of bounds, B58 hits A28 late. *

1st and 10 from the B45 with :05 remaining in the first half . Defensive lineman B98 jumps across the neutral zone just before A snaps the ball. A38 runs for a 20 yard gain but A54 clips B33. Time expires in the 1st half during the play. *

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